Experience CPA

Experience the taste of our delicious, fresh tomatoes with our market boxes, trays and bags. We have two grades of tomatoes, first or second, which vary in size and maturity (colours). Boxes are sorted based on these specifications.

All boxes and bags have one size and colour apart from the sauce trays, which are mixed due to the use of the product not dependant on size. 

Gourmet tomatoes (round) are available from January to May depending on season conditions.

Roma tomatoes are in season from February to early April. During the ‘sauce’ period, 15kg black trays of Roma tomatoes will be available. Depending on availability and orders, we may use this variety in the market boxes/bags as well.


Ranges from Extra-large (only available in trays), Large, Medium-large, Medium, Small-medium and Small.


Full colour, colour, 3/4 colour, semi colour.

Shelf Life

Our produce has longevity and shelf life for buying in bulk with full colour fruit generally having a minimum shelf life of 2 weeks and colour a minimum of 3 weeks.

Delivery & Pick-Up

For convenience, the smallest purchase for delivery would be the 1kg bags. 

Pick up from farm or deliveries are made to certain locations in your area. Here is a list of select delivery locations:


Please select pick up or delivery and location at checkout.

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