Farming for the Future

Our Story

Locals Carlo, Pat and Albert (CPA) first got together 32 years ago with the aim to only grow quality produce that they would proudly eat themselves. With a fourth generation of farmer on the way and additional produce on the horizon, the family run business has a strong future. 


Out of Season 

We have tomatoes from January to May each year, freshly picked, packed and shipped the same day for you to enjoy.

the Latest

Keep up-to-date with what’s going on at CPA Packers. Discover when we are hiring, what’s in season and more.


“Great fresh taste, with a great shelf life.”

John Smith


“Delivered fresh and on the same day. Can’t beat them!”

Sally Jones, Sally’s Market 

“Makes the best sauces and recipe bases, so full of flavour.”

Tom Martin

301 Harston Road, Harston VIC 3616

Phone: (03) 5854 8365
Fax: (03) 5854 8433

Opening Hours
Monday  - Friday   9am - 5pm